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Michael Thomas Smith is a singer/songwriter from Libertyville, Illinois. He grew up in a home filled with siblings, music and love. There were guitars, a piano, a violin, and various woodwind instruments. Michael began his musical adventure on the clarinet, but progressed to the alto-saxophone and eventually the electric guitar. From there he would become infamous. Following this, he broadened his creativity and wit, expanded his know how, and ingenuity. He drew inspiration from Tom Morello, Adam Jones, Eddie Van Halen and other guitar heroes you may have grown to love throughout the years.

Michael resides in Chicago, Illinois and would love to share a ____bucks Coldbrew Coffee with you, someday.

Available on: Cardano (1,111 units), Base


Video | 0:58:22 | 2024.07.11

Tensions run high in the lead-up to Con 24 as the team at faces a critical decision: pivot their strategy at the last minute to introduce $BEARD, a fungible Decentralized Encrypted Asset. Founder Joshua Stone pitches the ambitious idea to a skeptical engineering team, emphasizing $BEARD’s potential to revolutionize digital media and tokenized assets. Despite initial doubts and tight deadlines, the team rallies with additional encouragement from Patrick Tobler from NMKR, whose expertise galvanizes them into action.

Through intense collaboration and late-night sessions, the team overcomes technical challenges and skepticism to unveil $BEARD at Con 24. The product launch not only marks a technological triumph but also underscores’s commitment to innovation and teamwork, setting a new standard in the industry and leaving a lasting impact on the future of digital assets.


  • Special Guest Star: Patrick Tobler.
  • 5,000 Collector’s Edition Video DEAs on Cardano.
  • 48-Hour Time-Locked Unlimited Video fDEAs on Base Blockchain.
  • Discount on Cardano Mint for Holding About Stuff E0.

Starring: Joshua Stone, Ben Illian, RJ Regenold, Sheila Dohmann, Alex Vasquez, Jason Manske, Patrick Tobler, Guillermo

Available on: Cardano (5,000 units), Base


E0: The Secret to Getting Ahead

Video | 0:34:48 | 2024.06.13

The very first Video DEA – Decentralized Encrypted Asset – Be a part of a new era of true digital ownership and creator empowerment with “About Stuff: Episode 0.” Get to know the team with this candid documentary about the people behind &

Starring: Joshua Stone, Ben Illian, RJ Regenold, Sheila Dohmann, Alex Vasquez, Jason Manske

Available on: Cardano (10,000 units), Base