Do not sell my info does not sell your data because we believe in the decentralization of knowledge and the anonymity of the blockchain. Our lawyers also believe a few things like: “Better safe than sorry.” Especially when it comes to consumer rights in the EU, Califonia, and several other parts of the world. 

Below you will find a form, if you complete this form, we will delete your account from our system and disavow that you ever existed. We don’t care if you live in a CCPA or GDPR region or not, we will absolutely delete your account info… if you ask nicely.

If you do live in California or the EU you also have a right to ask for a detailed report on any data may have saved in our system that pertains to you. If you have not contacted us via a form, it’s going to be pretty short, literally just your email address and the country you listed as your residence. If you have filled out a form, you will get to relive the amazing interaction you had with our team via a transcript.

Want a more lawyerly version of our data policies? Visit our Privacy Policy page.

(GDPR = “General Data Protection Regulation”, CCPA = “California Consumer Protection Act”)


*Note: We will email the provided email address to confirm ownership prior to deletion.