Creator Interest

Thank you for your interest in distributing your digital media with! This platform is your tool for releasing videos, music, podcasts, art, and other digital assets on the blockchain. uses proprietary technology to mint your creations in a protected, decentralized way, allowing your audience to truly own the things they buy. If you are a creator or represent creators, we welcome you to sign up with using the form below.

Benefits for creators using

  • Receive 70% of all revenue on the initial sale of your asset
  • Have your art and IP protected in their original state forever on the blockchain
  • Receive a royalty percentage each time your asset sells on a secondary market
  • will never require you to be exclusive to the platform
  • All retail prices are set by the creator
  • Ability to send additional assets and exclusive live access to private sessions to verified owners of your creations
  • Be completely connected to your fans through immutable blockchain technology with real-time sales and consumption statistics
  • Ability to combine different mediums of your art into a single DEA
  • Create your own collectibles, enabling time-based sales of exclusive content

Sign up below to solidify your creative legacy with the future of digital assets!